» on the borderline between chaos and order. Vibrating air, flows from the silence, creates space. «

This is how the exhibition welcomes the visitors, leading them into a dark room with softly vibrating floors and original recordings from prenatal diagnoses. Looking at the museum with this thought in mind, I think parts of this exhibition don’t even need a container for people to experience them in. I mean if you think about sounds and noise it would be enough for people to stop for a minute, close their eyes and just listen.

In the modern world and especially in big cities people are constantly bombarded with noise and sounds. We live with a constant background noise without ever really differentiating it. So one possibility to transport the message of the museum to the outside would be to just remind people to listen closely what they hear.


In one way we already live in an exhibition of spaces who speak, if you see it in the eyes of Berry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter who wrote in their book ‘Spaces speak, are you listening?’

» To communicate the artistic, social, emotional, and historical context of a space, however, architects almost exclusively consider the visual aspects of a structure. Only rarely do they consider the acoustic aspects. «

Another way to move the exhibition out of its known structures would be the interactivity trough touchscreens. A big part of the museum works with this technics but they could easily be moved outside and be put into the urban landscape for people to explore. In one way they are kind of doing it already with their app guide, because this way you can virtually move through the museum without being there, but this way you can only read the information without experiencing it.

Looking at the whole concept, I think it would be very easy to move the museum out of its usual boundaries and the exhibition could still be experienced. Especially with the modern technics like virtual realities, apps and headphones you would not necessarily need a museum built in reality to house the exhibition in.



5 thoughts on “RINGING OF THE SENSES.

  1. This is interesting! I like how you first made me think that the atmosphere in a museum is something that is an esseintial part of the whole realm that is -museum-. Most would ,including me, gladly give up the building, so your idea seemed very endearing and nice. B.b.but then you ditched it too and broke my heart a bit :.( But its fine! It is a well developed thought.


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