» Where austerity is created in response to a presumed condition, and in this much is more artificial than natural, scarcity is both real (things really are running out) and constructed. « This is from the text ‘From Objects of Austerity to Processes of Scarcity’ from Jeremy Till which shows an interesting side of austerity. … Continue reading AUSTERITY.



» on the borderline between chaos and order. Vibrating air, flows from the silence, creates space. « This is how the exhibition welcomes the visitors, leading them into a dark room with softly vibrating floors and original recordings from prenatal diagnoses. Looking at the museum with this thought in mind, I think parts of this … Continue reading RINGING OF THE SENSES.


» …operating the apertures between interiority and exteriority, between seeing and being seen, and the transference of new 20thC optics into literal and metaphorical architectural surfaces and spaces across the spectrum of transparencies « This is one definition of modernity which Thomas Mical mentions in the  Abstract  'This is Not a House: Ultra-minimalism, Austerity, and … Continue reading HYPER MODERNITY.